About Us

The Nashville Food Truck Association (NFTA) is a collaborative group of the best food truck owner-operators located primarily in the Nashville metropolitan area. The Association is dedicated to working in partnership with the municipal offices to develop food truck rental regulations that protect public health and safety, promote innovative small businesses, and ensure the best interest of our loyal food truck rental customers.
As culinary entrepreneurs, each Nashville food truck in the Association is focused on serving the highest quality cuisines available in the mobile food market in the city. Through innovation in hospitality and sound business practices, the Association works to ensure the longevity of a growing food truck industry in the city we love and serve you the best food in Nashville.

Nashville Food Trucks

The Nashville Food Truck Association is dedicated to having the best food trucks in Nashville and offering a great food truck rental experience. Contact us for more information on booking a Nashville food truck or apply to become a Nashville Food Truck Association member