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Any individual owning a Food Truck/Trailer (that is stored/stationed within a 50 mile radius of downtown Nashville) may apply to become a member in the NFTA as long as said individual has completed all of the requirements of any middle TN Health Department (within 50 miles of downtown Nashville), has a TN Department of Revenue registration receipt, has a Federal EIN number or SSN (sole proprietor) and has been operating for a minimum of 6 months.  At the time of application a copy of your health department inspection dated AT LEAST 6 months prior to application date must be presented. It is important to support the Nashville area as a NFTA member, so potential members must serve at least 50% of yearly events within 50 miles of downtown Nashville.


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In order to be a member of the NFTA, you must obtain all documents.
What makes your food unique or special?
The NFTA relies on its members to help build a positive food truck culture in the Middle TN area. If chosen as a member, how would you help promote the food truck scene in Nashville? Please provide any additional links, articles, or information about your business that will help us to better understand why you should be a member of the NFTA.
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