Food trucks roll into Brentwood

Food trucks roll into Brentwood


We are delighted to report that we received unanimous approval to allow food trucks to serve in Brentwood! 

Beginning as early as mid-March, you can expect to see food trucks serving in Brentwood's commercial districts, suburban industrial districts (such as church & school special events), and special events in residential districts. 

NFTA members have worked for nearly three years to coordinate policies with the City of Brentwood to make this happen.

"We've had a lot of customers request our presence in Brentwood, and that's our main motivation for bringing this to fruition," said Dallas Shaw, NFTA president. "Up until now, there were no rules in place to allow us to serve, and taking the time to work out those regulations was important to us. We are thankful to the city representatives who worked to make this happen, and look forward to serving soon!"

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